JAEL Vol. 8, No. 1 Now Available!

We are happy to announce the publication of the Journal of Animal and Environmental Law Vol. 8, No. 1!  This edition features many exciting pieces of legal scholarship.  Felicia Thomas explores legislative strategies to end orca captivity at the state level.  Alexander Blackwell takes an in-depth look at Kentucky's conservation laws.  Kayla Campbell explores legislative remedies to issues associated with "fake" service animals.  Finally, Evan Comer discusses substantive environmental rights through a comparative analysis of state constitutions.  

You can view JAEL vol. 8, no. 1 here.   

The articles are linked below:  

Felicia Thomas, Free Willy:  Phasing Out Captivity of Killer Whales with State Level Legislation and Public Support, 8 J. Animal and Environmental L. 1 (2016)

Alexander Blackwell, Conservation in Kentucky: Taking the Next Step, 8 J. Animal and Environmental L. 47 (2016).  

Kayla Campbell, Supporting the Adoption of Legislation Criminalizing "Fake" Service and Emotional Support Animals, 8 J. Animal and Environmental L. 71 (2016).

Evan Matthew Comer, Constitutional Rights and Environmental Justice:  A Comparative Analysis, 8 J. Animal and Environmental L. 91 (2016). 

Welcome to the Laws of Nature!

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