Federal and State Environmental and Animal Statutes 


United States Code

Title 7 Agriculture

Title 16 Conservation

Title 30 Mineral Lands and Mining

Title 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters



Title 2 Agriculture

Title 3 Animals

Title 9 Conservation and Natural Resources



Title 3 Agriculture, Animals, and Food

Title 16 Fish and Game

Title 27 Mining

Title 31 Oil and Gas

Title 46 Water, Air, Energy, and Environmental Conservation



Title 3 Agriculture

Title 17 Game and Fish

Title 27 Minerals, Oil and Gas

Title 45 Waters

Title 49 The Environment



Title 2 Agriculture

Title 8 Environmental Law

Title 15 Natural Resources and Economic Development



Fish and Game Code

Food and Agriculture Code

Public Resources Code

Water Code



Title 33 Parks and Wildlife

Title 34 Mineral Resources

Title 35 Agriculture

Title 36 Natural Resource - General

Title 37 Water and Irrigation



Title 22 Agriculture, Domestic Animals

Title 22a Environmental Protection

Title 23 Parks, Forests and Public Shade Trees

Title 24 State Geological and Natural History Survey, Weather Control Board

Title 25 Water Resources, Flood and Erosion Control

Title 26 Fisheries and Game



Title 3 Agriculture

Title 7 Conservation

Title 23 Navigation and Waters

Title 28 Sports and Amusements



Title 28 Natural Resources; Conservation, Reclamation, and Use

Title 35 Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animal Industry



Title 2 Agriculture

Title 4 Animals

Title 12 Conservation and Natural Resources

Title 27 Game and Fish



Title 11 Agriculture and Animals

Title 12 Conservation and Resources



Title 22 Agriculture and Horticulture

Title 25 Animals

Title 36 Fish and Game

Title 38 Forestry, Forest Products and Stumpage Districts

Title 42 Irrigation and Drainage - Water Rights and Reclamation

Title 47 Mines and Mining



Chapter 505 Agriculture

Chapter 510 Animals

Chapter 515 Fish

Chapter 520 Wildlife

Chapter 525 Conservation



Title 13 Environment

Title 14 Natural and Cultural Resources

Title 15 Agriculture and Animals



Title 5 Agriculture

Title 11 Natural Resources



Chapter 2 Agriculture

Chapter 32 Wildlife, Parks and Recreation

Chapter 47 Livestock and Domestic Animals

Chapter 49 Mines and Mining

Chapter 55 Oil and Gas

Chapter 82a Waters and Watercourses



Title 12 Conservation and State Development

Title 19 Public Safety and Morals

Title 21 Agriculture and Animals

Title 28 Mines and Minerals



Title 3 Agriculture and Forestry

Title 30 Minerals, Oil, and Gas and Environmental Quality

Title 31 Mineral Code



Title 7 Agriculture and Animals

Title 7A Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

Title 12 Conservation

Title 38 Waters and Navigation



Article - Agriculture

Article - Environment

Article - Natural Resources



Title 19 Agriculture and Conservation



Chapter 279 Drains

Chapter 280 Drain Code of 1956

Chapter 281 Lakes and Rivers

Chapter 282 Soil Conservation

Chapter 285 Agriculture

Chapter 286 Agriculture Industry

Chapter 287 Animal Industry

Chapter 288 Dairy Industry

Chapter 299 Natural Resources

Chapter 300 Fish and Game

Chapter 301-306 Michigan Sportsmen Fishing Law

Chapter 307 Fishing

Chapter 308 Commercial Fishing

Chapter 311-315 Game Law of 1929

Chapter 316 Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Chapter 317 Game Breeding and Protection

Chapter 318 State Parks

Chapter 319 Oil, Gas, and Mineral

Chapter 320 Forests

Chapter 321 Geological and Other Surveys

Chapter 322 State Lands

Chapter 323 Water Resources

Chapter 324 Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

Chapter 425 Mines

Chapter 432 Gaming

Chapter 433 Animals Running at Large

Chapter 483 Oil, Gas, and Brine Lines



Chapters 17-43 Agriculture

Chapters 83A-84 Natural Resources

Chapters 84A-84D Conservation

Chapters 88-91 Forestry

Chapters 92-94 Lands and Minerals

Chapters 97-102 Game and Fish

Chapters 103A-114B Water

Chapters 114C-116I Environmental Protection

Chapters 343-348

Chapters 349-350 Gaming



Title 49 Conservation and Ecology

Title 51 Waters, Water Resources, Water Districts, Drainage, and Flood Control

Title 53 Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals

Title 55 Parks and Recreation

Title 69 Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animals



Title 15 Lands, Levees, Drainage, Sewers and Public Water Supply

Title 16 Conservation, Resources and Development

Title 17 Agriculture and Animals



Title 75 Environmental Protection

Title 76 Land Resources and Use

Title 77 State Lands

Title 80 Agriculture

Title 81 Livestock

Title 82 Minerals, Oil, and Gas

Title 85 Water Use

Title 87 Fish and Wildlife



Chapter 2 Agriculture

Chapter 37 Game and Parks

Chapter 54 Livestock

Chapter 56 Milldams

Chapter 57 Minerals, Oil, and Gas

Chapter 61 Natural Resources

Chapter 66 Oils, Fuels, and Energy



Title 41 Gaming, Horse Racing, Sporting Events

Title 45 Wildlife

Title 46 Mines and Minerals

Title 47 Forestry, Forest Products and Flora

Title 48 Water

Title 49 Agriculture

Title 50 Animals


New Hampshire

Title 18 Fish and Game

Title 19A Forestry

Title 40 Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry

Title 45 Animals

Title 50 Water Management and Protection


New Jersey

Title 4 Agriculture and Domestic Animals

Title 23 Fish and Game, Wild Birds and Animals

Title 58 Waters and Water Supply


New Mexico

Chapter 17 Game and Fish and Outdoor Recreation

Chapter 68 Timber

Chapter 69 Mines

Chapter 70 Oil and Gas

Chapter 71 Energy and Minerals

Chapter 72 Water Law

Chapter 74 Environmental Improvements

Chapter 75 Miscellaneous Natural Resource Matters

Chapter 76 Agriculture

Chapter 77 Animals and Livestock


New York

Agriculture & Markets

Environmental Conservation

Parks, recreation and historic preservation

Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law

Soil & Water Conservation Districts


North Carolina

Chapter 19A Protection of Animals

Chapter 67 Dogs

Chapter 68 Fences and Stock Law

Chapter 74 Mines and Quarries

Chapter 106 Agriculture

Chapter 113 Conservation and Development

Chapter 113A Pollution Control and Environment

Chapter 159G Water Infrastructure

Chapter 159I Solid Waste Management Loan Program and Local Government Special Obligation Bonds

Chapter 162A Water and Sewer Systems


North Dakota

Title 4 Agriculture

Title 20 Game, Fish, and Predators

Title 36 Livestock

Title 38 Mining and Gas and Oil Production

Title 61 Waters



Title 9 Agriculture - Animals - Fences

Title 15 Conservation of Natural Resources

Title 61 Water Supply - Sanitation – Ditches



Title 2 Agriculture

Title 4 Animals

Title 27A Environment and Natural Resources

Title 29 Game and Fish

Title 45 Mines and Mining

Title 52 Oil and Gas

Title 82 Waters and Water Rights



Volume 12 Drugs and Alcohol, Fire Protection, Natural Resources

Volume 13 Water Resources, Agriculture and Food



Title 3 Agriculture

Title 27 Environmental Resources

Title 30 Fish

Title 32 Forests, Waters, and State Parks

Title 34 Game

Title 52 Mines and Mining

Title 58 Oil and Gas


Rhode Island

Title 2 Agriculture and Forestry

Title 4 Animals and Animal Husbandry

Title 20 Fish and Wildlife

Title 32 Parks and Recreational Areas

Title 41 Sports, Racing, and Athletics

Title 46 Waters and Navigation


South Carolina

Title 46 Agriculture

Title 47 Animals, Livestock and Poultry

Title 48 Environmental Protection and Conservation

Title 49 Waters, Water Resources and Drainage

Title 50 Fish, Game, and Watercraft

Title 51 Parks, Recreation and Tourism


South Dakota

Title 34A Environmental Protection

Title 38 Agriculture and Horticulture

Title 40 Animals and Livestock

Title 41 Game, Fish, Parks and Forestry

Title 42 Recreation and Sports

Title 45 Mining, Oil and Gas

Title 46 Water Rights

Title 46A Water Management



Title 11 Natural Areas and Recreation

Title 43 Agriculture and Horticulture

Title 44 Animals and Animal Husbandry

Title 59 Mines and Mining

Title 60 Oil and Gas

Title 69 Waters, Waterways, Drains and Levees

Title 70 Wildlife Resources



Agriculture Code

Natural Resources Code

Parks and Wildlife Code

Water Code



Title 4 Utah Agricultural Code

Title 18 Dogs

Title 19 Environmental Quality Code

Title 23 Wildlife Resources Code of Utah

Title 40 Mines and Mining

Title 65A Forestry, Fire, and State Employees

Title 73 Water and Irrigation

Title 79 Natural Resources



Title 6 Agriculture

Title 10 Conservation and Development

Title 25 Navigation and Waters

Title 31 Recreation and Sports



Title 3.2 Agriculture, Animal Care, and Food

Title 10.1 Conservation

Title 21 Drainage, Soil Conservation, Sanitation and Public Facilities Districts

Title 28.2 Fisheries and Habitat of the Tidal Waters

Title 29.1 Game, Inland Fisheries and Boating

Title 45.1 Mines and Mining



Title 15 Agriculture and Marketing

Title 16 Animals and Livestock

Title 17 Weeds, Rodents, and Pests

Title 67 Sports and Recreation

Title 76 Forests and Forest Products

Title 77 Fish and Wildlife

Title 78 Mines, Minerals, and Petroleum

Title 85 Diking and Drainage

Title 86 Flood Control

Title 87 Irrigation

Title 90 Water Rights – Environment


West Virginia

Chapter 19 Agriculture

Chapter 20 Natural Resources

Chapter 22 Environmental Resources



Chapters 23-34 Public Domain and the Trust Funds

Chapters 82-90 Highways and Bridges, Drains and Fences

Chapters 91-100 Agriculture, Foods and Drugs, Markets

Chapter 254 Environmental health

Chapters 279-299 Natural Resources

Chapters 562-569 Gaming



Title 11 Agriculture, Livestock and Other Animals

Title 23 Game and Fish

Title 30 Mines and Minerals

Title 41 Water


District of Columbia

Title 8 Environmental and Animal Control Protection

Title 10 Parks, Public Buildings, Grounds, Space


United States Code

Title 7 Agriculture

Title 16 Conservation

Title 30 Mineral Lands and Mining

Title 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters